Grant Requirements

The Kiwanis Outreach Program supports charitable organizations that provide programs for youth who are residents of the City of Wilsonville. Applicant organizations must have current tax-exempt status.

Individuals or families requesting activity financial aid should have a referral agency complete an application on their behalf. Referral agencies are community organizations that have the ability to identify individuals in the community who may benefit from the program. Referral agencies include schools, teachers, school administrators, counselors, recreation coordinators, social service agencies and churches.

Program Areas Served:

Youth programs and activity financial aid for children through age 18 that provide benefits in the following areas:

Recreation – sports, play time

Health – preventive health, physical and mental health

Education – pre-school and after-school programs

Community enhancement – leadership and service, the environment and civic works

Human Services – basic needs and social services

Arts & Culture – visual, music, drama


The Kiwanis Program does not make grants to or for:

Organizations that discriminate on the basis of age, disability, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion;

Individuals seeking funds for personal needs, except as college scholarships for high school graduates;

Fraternal organizations unless in support of a specific program open to or benefiting the entire community;

Organizations with religious affiliations unless the program is open to the entire community without regard to religious beliefs;

Organizations and programs designed to elect candidates to public office

Pay off past debts or existing obligations

Deadline for submission:

There are no deadlines for submission of requests. Award decisions generally commence in September and continue through March of the following year, or until the funds have been distributed. Funds are limited each year and the total amount available is determined by the success of sponsorship and other fundraising activities. Awards typically range from $100 – $2,000.

How to submit request

Complete the Online Grant Application Form or Download this PDF and mail to:

Mary Ann Creason
PO Box 2104
Wilsonville, OR 97070